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Web/Internet Module
Super effective function, which reduces your data collection time and costs to minimum, if your respondents’ has access to Internet.

The Survey System's Internet Module handles both e-mail and Web page surveys.

Web survey softare in no time convert a questionnaire to a complete set of Internet files which enables you to undertake all kinds of data collection via Internet or Intranet. The Survey System's Web page questionnaires offer also sophisticated questionnaire logic features, as a part of a comprehensive survey software solution. You can see samples of different Internet survey here.

E-mail survey software convert a questionnaire for electronic sending, administration and automatic reading of answers via e-mails. Can send reminder or thank-you messages.

You can use these two techniques, Web Survey and E-mail, together by sending e-mail invitations to people to participate in your survey. Message can include a password and link, which can only be used by a certain user.

Web Survey and E-mail Module requires a Windows NT or 2000 Web server. If you do not have a server or lack server space you can use our Survey hosting – SurveyLogin.

With Web Survey Module you have a possibility to:

  • Use sliders to enter numbers
  • Route respondents based on answers to previous questions
  • Guard against data entry errors
  • Guard against double answers (e.g. in the priority list)
  • Test coherence between two or more answers
  • Calculate values and enter these calculations into other questions
  • Show pictures and streaming video and play sound files in your questionnaire
  • Randomise question order
  • Randomise answer choice order
  • Specify up to 3 previous questions in an only previous answer instruction
  • Use individual or overall passwords
  • Uncover your respondents via password-management
  • Combine web survey answers with data from telephone or postal surveys
  • Post questionnaire at any place in a template or generate files with companies logo and colours
  • Subsequently edit html files in e.g. FrontPage, GoLive or any other web-editing programme
  • Produce Tables or Verbatim (text) on-line reports
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