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The Voice Capture Module
Get a detailed impression of what your respondents really means – record their answers in own voices and incorporate them into your research presentation!
  • Record and play back actual voices.
  • Capture the feeling and intensity of responses.
  • Create dazzling presentations.
  • Save time during interviews.
  • Playback-only software is available to offer to your clients.

Interviews can be done by phone or face-to-face. The voices are real (not synthesized), similar to a tape recording.

You can code each response based on its content. During playback, respondents can be classified by up to four variables (e.g., age, sex, geography, income). Use these codes to produce numeric tables or to group similar responses together during playback.

The results are as reliable as collected during focus group interviews, but the expenses much lower.

The Voice Capture Module works with the Professional Editions of The Survey System.

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