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Update Version 10.5
As a part of services for our customers all updates in the same version can be downloaded from here - for free. The updates fix any problems that have been reported and may add minor enhancements. That’s why we recommend The Survey System users check this site about once a month.

This page contains the latest updates to The Survey System Version 10.5. They can only be used if The Survey System Version 10.5 is already installed on your computer. If you wish to update an older version, click here.

The updates to analyst copies of The Survey System and Interview Stations are provided as installation programs. After you download them, run them:

Update The Survey System, 28.AUG 2012

Update Interview stations, 20. AUG 2012

The following are compressed using .ZIP format. You can uncompress them using 7-Zip, WINZIP and other products. After you decompress them, copy them into The Survey System's folder on your PC or Web server, as appropriate. They will replace an existing file.

Update Web Survey server, 20. AUG 2012

Update Web Report server, 9. AUG 2012

Update Web CATI server, 25. JUL 2012

Update Panel Management server, 25. APR 2012

Update Android Survey program, 30. AUG 2012

Update Windows Mobile Survey Program, 28. AUG 2009

Update Indexer, 16. MAY 2012

Note, that files cannot be used to upgrade from previous versions. Contact ASPEKT R&D by info@aspekt.dk or +45 56 64 38 38 if you wish to upgrade your older version of The Survey System or for more information.

Update files may be compressed using .ZIP format in order to save space. After you decompress the files, copy them into The Survey System's or the Interview station's folder (directory) to replace exsisting files.

Use these updates only if the date stated on this page is newer than the one in your computer.

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