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What is The Survey System?
The Survey System is the most complete software package available for working with questionnaires. The Survey System handles all phases of survey projects, from creating questionnaires through data entry to advanced statistic analysis and producing of extensive tables and impressive graphics.

The Survey System handles all types of surveys whether they are carried out on paper, via telephones, touch-screen at the exhibition stand or via e-mail and Internet.

This software saves you time: With just one entry in the instruction file you can manage all other functions in the program and have possibility to reuse entered questions and answer choice labels again and again.

The programme is easy to use for occasional users, yet powerful and flexible for professional researchers.

The Survey Systems great flexibility is achieved by making the software modular: consisting of main packages and optional modules. This is your guarantee that you never pay for more than you need, but still have a possibility to enhance your system by adding modules as your needs expands.

Furthermore The Survey System can record your respondents’ answers in their own voices, to find out what your respondents really say about your product. Use the voice capture feature instead of or as a supplement to focus group interviews. Voice recording lets you make the most impressive research presentations ever!!!

Examples of use of The Survey System

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