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PDA Module - gives you mobile surveys and reaserch - now also with voice capture on open ended questions
It has never been simpler to use the PDA as your media for survey data collection. Just create a normal questionnaire in The Survey System with all types of Routing and most other types of Interview logic.

The Survey System's PDA supports two different types of surveys. Offline interviews using a small application you install at a PDA with Pocket PC 2002 or higher, or web surveys for any PDA with an internet connection. The two methods may be combined during the same survey.
PDA roling demo Designed for Windows Mobile

Other features:
  • Create look and feel as you like. Use pictures, video and sounds in web surveys
  • Easy distribution of surveys to your interviewers, using ActiveSync, Memory Card or Web
  • Catch the voice of your respondents - or type open ended answers
  • Lock the PDA to one questionnaire, only
  • Include interviewer identity to the data file
  • Easy data collection and real time reports for PDA web surveys
  • Combine with other types of data collection. Use The Survey System's comprehensive analysis and reporting facilities.

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