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SurveyReply™ – Europe’s fastest and most flexible survey hosting

As a part of a complete package to Web or e-mail surveys, ASPEKT R&D offers hosting of Web surveys.

SurveyREply is placed on fast servers and lot of band width to give your respondents the fastest possible connection..

If you do not have direct access to an NT server or are not willing to host surveys on your intranet, you can still undertake web or e-mail surveys in an external, protected and constantly monitored environment.

ASPEKT R&D can also design your surveys for the Internet. If you don't feel comfortable uploading files or just lack internal resources , we can assist in practical implementation. We can create a questionnaire, host it and send your results via e-mail, let you download them yourself or let you or your costumers see the results online.

Why choose SurveyLogin?
  1. Unlimited number of surveys and respondents.
  2. No extra payment for the traffic.
  3. First page of your survey can be posted at your Web site and can be linked back to your Web site, when the survey is completed.
  4. Minimum 99,6% up time.
  5. Own FTP-access, so that you yourself can post your surveys and download results.
  6. Complete web-rapport function, so that you can follow how the survey proceeds and even make simple analysis when data is still on the net.
  7. Possibility for international address, e.g. your name.surveylogin.com, -net or –dk.
  8. Secure and constantly monitored environment
  9. Complete backup every night
  10. Disk place – 100 Mb, which covers 99% of all surveys. The place can be enhanced in case new needs arise.
SurveyReply requires The Survey System 9.0 or 9.5, including Web module.

If you want more than just Web survey hosting, please read Consultant Services or contact ASPEKT R&D by info@aspekt.dk or +45 56 64 38 38 for further information.

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