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Sample Management Module, CATI - now with Skype
When Professional Edition and Interview Stations are combined with Sample Management Module, it creates a sophisticated CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing) system rivalling other systems costing much more.

Security: Data collected by different interviewers is directly saved on a joint server, so there is no risk in loosing data.

Manages, whom you are calling to: You can import a list of phone numbers plus names and other information about your respondents. The Survey System presents telephone numbers to your interviewers for manual dialling or automatic dialling through a modem or ISDN connection.
  • Registers time and date in data set
  • Chooses random phone numbers from a list
  • Schedules calls by time zones
  • Presents necessary information to interviewers, e.g. phone number, name, address and saves this information in a data set
  • Identifies interviewer in data set
  • Registers a result of every call, e.g. complete, schedule call back, busy, language problems, etc. In total 40 different result codes.
  • Handles call back agreements and reminds about them
  • Provides statistics on data collection status
  • Possibility to view data while interviewing is in progress
  • Edit Sample Files in spreadsheet format
  • Have result codes and Sample File specification changes take effect during interviewing
  • See appointment time when callback comes up
  • Allow up to 30 attempts
  • Copy call results to the Data File
  • Place calls via Skype

The Sample Management Module can automatically enforce quotas, based on pre-existing information or questions in the interview. This enables you to reach “difficult” respondent groups.

Complete administration of interviewers:

  • Working hours (log on - log off)
  • Effective working hours (real interview time)
  • Success rate and bias
  • Specialising of interviewers: Routing specific interviews to specific interviewers (e.g. difficult questionnaires, difficult respondents, language problems, etc.)

The Survey System handles unlimited number of interviewers.

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