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Become a Distributor of The Survey System software?
We are currently looking for affiliates or distributors all over Europe.

You might be one of these if you can answer yes to three out of five of the following questions:
  1. You or senior member(s) of the staff have a degree in market research, sociology or similar.
  2. You or senior members of the staff have profound practical experience in surveys.
  3. You already deal with survey software, but want to replace your present product with a more competitive one.
  4. You have proved capability to create a profit, although the size of your company is not important.
  5. If you are new in the market, you can demonstrate access to a widespread network of persons in this particular market segment.

ASPEKT R&D can contribute to your business with:

  • The most complete survey software on the market.
  • Development of localised language versions.
  • Attractive prices and discounts.
  • Two different levels of training and certification (authorisation).
  • A proven service concept – ready to implement.

Want to know more? Contact ASPEKT R&D by info@aspekt.dk

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